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What causes hair loss anyway?

About 60% of women face hair loss at some point during their lifetime. And 40% of men have noticeable hair loss by age 35.

46% of women keep hair fall secret
45% of women suffer from Telogen effluvium
95% Pattern Baldness is inherited
3% of all hair loss is because of scarring alopecia

Hair Loss can be caused by:Heredity, certain medical conditions (alopecia), hormonal changes and stress, or certain medications such as chemotherapy.

Chemicals and hair products can also cause hair loss. Certain chemicals used for coloring, bleaching, straightening, or perming hair can cause it to become damaged and break off if they are overused or used incorrectly.

  • Cutting hairs effects hair growth
  • Hair products like shampoo, conditions and oils can control hair loss
  • Food supplements can improve hair loss
  • Expensive and new treatments are effective for Alopecia
  • Brushes, magnets and scalp massager grow hair back
  • Too much exposure to sun promotes hair loss
  • Plucking a grey hair may make two others grow out
  • Standing in a upside down position promotes hair growth
  • Hair loss genes come from mother’s side only
  • Wigs and hats can cause hair loss

Source: Dermatologist & Trichologist Hair Loss Expert